Texanischer Schulrat vergleicht Nicht-Jungfrauen mit benutzten Kaugummis

A Texas school district is apparently teaching sexual education in the worst way possible: by trying to shame students into staying virgins until marriage.

Sexual health advocate Katie Gustainis Vela recently obtained what appears to be an instructional worksheet meant for teachers who lecture on sex ed. Vela tweeted a photo of the worksheet — which likens people who have premarital sex to pieces of chewed gum or used toothbrushes — and indicated that it is used in the Canyon Independent School District. (According to ThinkProgress, Vela currently lives in Boston but used to reside in Canyon.)



  1. #1 von Randifan am 29. Januar 2014 - 08:59

    Diese Argumentation, die den Schülern aufgedrückt werden soll, ist kaum besser als die der islamischen Fanatiker, in derren Welt gibt es nur Jungfrauen oder Huren .

  2. #2 von Mreins am 29. Januar 2014 - 09:05

    Mreins bezeichnet texanischen Schulrat als Lutscher

  3. #3 von dezer.de am 29. Januar 2014 - 09:47

    Ich sag immer: lieber ne benutze Zahnbürste als solange zu warten bis die Zähne von Karies ganz verfault sind.

  4. #4 von BochumSusanne am 29. Januar 2014 - 09:58

    Das „Untenrum“ scheint für die „Frommen“ das Wichtigste an Frauen zu sein.Aus etwas Anderem scheinen Frauen und Mädchen nicht zu bestehen.Brauchbare Eierstöcke und ein intaktes Jungfernhäutchen,das scheint für sie das Wichtigste an einem Frauenleben zu sein.Haben Frauen und Mädchen das nicht mehr zu bieten,dürfen sie ungeniert als „Huren“,“Schlampen“ und „benutzte Kaugummis“ bezeichnet werden.perverser und schäbiger geht es kaum noch.

  5. #5 von BochumSusanne am 29. Januar 2014 - 10:15

    Christliche Fundis aller Art stehen den ungebildetsten und dümmsten Islam-Fundis in nichts nach.

  6. #6 von Jacob Something (@j_kanev) am 29. Januar 2014 - 10:21

    Interesting. Let’s have a look at the wording:

    „Today, virgin means not having participated in sexual activity of any kind.“
    I found this quite suprising, I always thought virginity means not having had sexual intercourse. Okay, so even kissing would have you lose your virginity.

    „Encourage students to stay like a tooth brus or chewing gum.“
    Interesting that the examples are oral ones. Toothbrushes and chewing gums are put into one’s mouth. Concepts of „new“ and „used“ could be shown by a myriad of examples, but he uses just these. We learn a lot about the mindset of the author of the text.

    „People want to marry a virgin, just like they want a virgin toothbrush or chewing gum.“
    Again, very interesting. Two things come to mind.
    1. He talks about „people“, not about men. The term „virgin“ is mainly used for women, much less for men (please correct me if I’m wrong). My guess is that what he is trying to say is „men would want to marry a virgin“. And I also guess that he thinks of men when he hears the word people.
    2. How are toothbrushes or chewing gums obtained? They are bought (or possibly received as a present). They are objects, and when you posses one you are the rightful owner of it. The author obviously (at least subconciously) regards a marriage comparable to ownership of an object. The object here is the woman, and it must be an unused woman.

    No more comments.

  7. #7 von Noch ein Fragender am 29. Januar 2014 - 19:02

    Und womit vergleicht er Witwen?

  8. #8 von drawingwarrior am 29. Januar 2014 - 19:08

    @Jacob Something

    Your comment is cutting thru the case, like a warm knife cutts thru a piece of butter.
    Congratulations, you won my sympathy and my full support.

  9. #9 von Willie am 30. Januar 2014 - 02:37

    Was sind dann nicht mehr „Jungmännliche“, gebrauchte Lutscher oder abgenutzte Baseballschläger?