Not Sucking Baby’s Penis After Removing Foreskin Is Heresy, Haredi Rabbi Says

According to Rabbi Moshe Meiselman…whenever Chazal make a statement about realia, and do not indicate that they are speaking tentatively, then they are correct, and to doubt them is heresy. Rabbi Meiselman thus states, with regard to metzitzah [b’peh, the direct mouth-to-penis sucking haredi mohels do after cutting off the baby’s foreskin] (pp. 239-40), that “Chazal’s assessment overrides that of modern medicine,” because “Chazal understood the situation better than the physicians.” He stresses that “we rely upon their judgment unswervingly, even if medical opinion says otherwise.…[Therefore,] the mohel must suction the wound in a traditionally prescribed manner [with his mouth].”


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    haredim haben wirklich ein Talent sich schnell beliebt zu machen